The Next Chapter

You met Jack and his family in 2019 who realised his childhood dream had finally come true, a dream home for his family to make their precious memories. Just as your family grows, so does Jack’s with a new addition being welcomed into the household…

  • The Next Chapter

    You saw Jack's dream come to life in 'The Drawing'. Now take a look at 'The Next Chapter' for this beautiful family!

  • Behind the Scenes: Hunter wants to play

    The kids were having a good time drawing, but Hunter had other ideas...

  • Behind the Scenes: The new addition

    Get the behind the scenes look into 'The Next Chapter' and see the moment - or moments - the new addition was introduced into Jack's family!

  • Behind the Scenes: Catch that puppy!

    It was never going to be easy keeping two dogs calm in the kitchen!

  • Everyday Moments with Hotondo Homes

    It's the everyday moments in life that mean the most!

  • Everyday Moments V2

    It's the everyday moments that mean the most!

the scenes

Check out our favourite behind the scene pictures from 'The Next Chapter' set. While a TV shoot can be a lot if hard work, there are always some great, fun times during the day!

Room for one more?

Check out some of your latest additions!

We were thrilled to see how many amazing new additions were made at the beginning of 2020! Take a look at some of our favourites including all our winners!

"Our beautiful baby girl"

Ericka, NSW

"We make room for our ever growing plant babies!"

Kristine, NSW

"So excited about our new trees!! Hotando homes have done an amazing job so far on the house. Time to start planting some trees!"

Joelle, VIC

"Hotando homes has it covered on the inside and will start on the outside! Some new Trees for our Home!"

Thomas, VIC

"Our new addition was 3 years ago when we came home with our gorgeous pure breed GSP. We named her Porsche as she is sleek, shiny and fast just like a Porsche :)"

Kim, NSW

"Surprise! It's twins! We adopted two husky brothers a little while ago and are currently building our new home with them in mind."

Natalya, NSW

"Currently waiting on our new addition! Cannot wait!"

Katelyn, NSW

"We recently purchased a new block of land tobbuild our family home"

Emily, NSW

"On Australia Day this year we welcomed Our beautiful 2nd born boy Boston Howard. His big brother is over the moon and can’t leave him alone! And they both can’t wait to move into our soon to be built hotondo home so they have their own space to play in! And especially be able to jump into their swimming pool."

Corey, NSW

"Celebrated our first Christmas with our new dog Peanut. Our cat Archie is still getting used to having a friend to play with."

Michael, QLD

"We introduced our newest family member and 2nd boy on Australia Day to the world. And just before works started on our soon to be beautiful family home built by port Macquarie hotondo!"

Corey, NSW

"We have welcomed our newest member to our family, another beautiful baby boy, Boston, before we move into our new Hotondo Home! Welcoming our Australia Day baby, 18 month old Braxton couldn’t be more stoked to be a big brother and can’t wait to have his own room in our new home."

Keahne, NSW

"We are currently building our new Hotondo home, so we bought ourselves a new outdoor fire bbq for our alfresco area. We haven’t moved in yet , that’s within the next 5 weeks. We are so excited. Hotondo have been great and have changed our house so it is accessible for my hubby in his wheelchair. We wouldn’t be happier."

Sandra, NSW

"My partner and I got engaged in March 2019 - he proposed to me with our first fur baby Bailey! The very next week we found out we were expecting our first little boy, Xavier! We know have a 12 month old pup & 4 month old bub 😍💙"

Mikayla, QLD

"Our newest edition is our brand new Hotondo home, including our new arm chair which our pup Rosie loves!"

Jessica, QLD

"A pet camera and feeder so I can keep an eye on my beautiful son while I am at work"

Amber, VIC

"My son! His name is Colby and he is 6 months old. He made me a mummy!!"

Gemma, QLD

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